Non - fiction, biblical, and religious. IT'S OKAY TO SPEAK UP covers rape, incest, damaged goods, men and women. God says bring burdens to me, backed up by scriptures in all three books. TIME FOR A CHANGE; VISION OF PAIN covers all types of pain, GOD says bring your burdens to me. DEDICATION TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE WHO MAKE LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUALLY covers what is going to church, breaks down love, trust, discernment, how to raise a child on a positive format, if an orphan, or was never taught. this is important, because it goes over how to treat people, children and adults. Illuminati, free masons, mental illness, alternative to selling drugs, wealth management, budget counseling, force feeds the power of elites on three issues:

1) how to fix entire financial system without raising taxes
2) how to provide for healthcare without raising taxes
3) how to fix federal deficit without raising taxes.

How to buy a house, final planning, debt limit and deficit will not get fixed , used as a tool to get earmarks passed, get those people out of office. To cross all industries, and reach all races. To allow people to make better informed educated decisions going forward.

I started dancing in 1979, Sir Popalong was born. In 1984 I was competing in usareur competition in Germany, in which, I made it to be offered a USA tour, I turned it down, because I would be on the road about two years, I was due to be transferred back to the states in ten days, when I was asked about the tour. In 1989 I released a song called Dream(rap single), and signed up with The Harry Fox Agency as a publisher. In 2008 there were financial wrong doings I addressed against T.D. Ameritrade Holding Corp., and USA Mobility Inc.. In 2010 there is a movie I did called Ghetto Passion shown on U-Tube. In 2011 I addressed financial wrong doing by Gm/Motor's Liquidation Corp.(both financial wrong doings can be found by google search Sylvester Shaw lawsuit, Iinks both found in the first three links). In 2011 I also was in a video SXSW 2011 tha conclusion road trip, I.N. ME TV: SXSW[Exclusive footage pt.1] seven minutes into video on U-Tube. I am about to release a trilogy of books, a compilation on 1, July 2017.



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